Let’s talk about how to move on in your career.

Nobody will take care of it, it’s your responsability to decide what you want do to.

Establish a plan

Objectif Key Result (OKR) is a good framework that will help you to set up goals and measure them.

Write down somewhere what you want to become and where you see yourself in a short-mid-long term future.

If your manager can’t help you to become better, surround yourself with people good at what they do.

Document your progress

I’m evaluating myself as a company on a quarter basis.

Every 3 months I’m doing a retro with myself to check what went well, what did not and what I should work on for the next quarter.

Some folks are using a brag document which helps them to summarize everything they accomplished for a given year. This will save you time and your manager’s time when performance evaluation season will come.


After finishing up a project, getting a raise or a promotion. Take the time to enjoy and be grateful for it.

Don’t always look for climbing the ladder as soon as possible, give yourself some time.


Go back to your established plan and continue to follow it.

Picturing what you want in life will actually help you to get it.