My home network configuration is available on my gitlab account.

Basic config

  1. Flash your SD card with the latest raspian image.
  2. Add an empty ssh file at the root of your SD card.
  3. Find your raspberry’s ip address on your network with arp -a
  4. Ssh to your raspberry and add your own user
  5. Add your ssh access with ssh-copy-id goldenson@192.168.0.X
  6. Install some dependencies
$ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade
$ apt-get install git vim

Install Docker

$ curl -fsSL -o
$ sudo sh
$ sudo usermod -aG docker goldenson
$ docker version
$ docker info
$ docker run hello-world
$ sudo systemctl enable docker
$ sudo systemctl start docker

Install docker-compose

$ sudo apt install -y python3-pip libffi-dev
$ sudo pip3 install docker-compose

Using systemd

This is a technique to ensure our containers are getting spinned up at boot time in case our rapsberry crashes.

  • Run ./

Add a service


A network-wide ad blocking, you can access it at the following ip address: http://192.168.0.X/admin

  • Change your password: docker exec -it pihole pihole -a -p
  • pi-hole image


A docker management web ui that helps you to visualize your container.


Automatically update your docker containers.


A custom media center.

Access your server at http://192.168.0.X:32400/web

Home Assistant

Private and safe smart home.

Access your server at