Some thoughts about my investment strategy.


The goal here is financial independence to enjoy time with the people I love.

I’m a strong believer in 2 principles:

  • Simplicity
  • Peace of mind

These 2 criterias are the foundation of my strategy.

Here we are talking about long term investment, something like 20 years+ in the future.

There are currently 2 things I’m interested in and where I’m trying to build knowledge to get better at it.

1. Real estate

This is becoming a real hobbie that I will dedicate a special note for it later this year.

2. Stock market

I’m currently using wealthsimple which satisfies my 2 principles above.

My current porfolio is at 90% stocks and 10% bonds as I’m in the wealth acquisition stage as JL Collins calls it.


REER in Québec

Every year I’m maxing out this account (18% of my last year income). And we are doing the same for my wife’s accounts.

I invest all of this account with stocks and bonds as decribed above.

If you are married and you earn more money than your wife consider opening a Spousal RRSP


CELI in Québec

I stopped using Wealthsimple Trade as this is not a reliable product for swing trades.

I will either use td investing or questrade for stock picking.

This account is a huge advantage in Canada, as you don’t pay taxes on capital gains. This means if your money double in 10 years you will be tax exempt on it.

Dividend Strategy

I’m currently building a new investment portfolio for my wife buying exclusively dividends.

I’ve opened a Spousal RRSP on questrade and I’m using getpassiv which connects to my broker and automate some boring stuff such as maintaining target allocation and portfolio rebalancing.

I will add more notes about this strategy in a couple of months, stay tuned.

3. Cryptocurrency

I believe in a world lead by technology as software is eating the world.

I only own Bitcoin. If you are looking to buy some in Canada with the lowest commission fees, try BullBitcoin.