Some thoughts about how companies run interviews to hire top talents.

Make a good first impression

The first step is extremely important as you need to hit the curiosity of the company in order to attract their interest.

High level summary of the things you did and what interest you in life.

Most people struggle with this step as they don’t know how to sell themselves. A good exercise it to train over and over to sell yourself in 5min, 15min and 30min. This way you can adapt to any situation that might happen.

Technical interview

This is the most stressful part the process for some people. Showing your technical skills to make sure you fit the job.

You need to put you in the problem solver shoes. My advise would be to train yourself to solve problem with a tool like codewars just to train your brain and prepare it for the interview battle.

What companies are looking for?

Someone that get work done, fits the culture and level up the team level.

Are you able to understand the problem? How do you articulate your thoughts to solve the problem? How do you communicate about the problem?

During the process they collect data about you and identify any red flags helping them with their hiring decision.